This project felt strange at first, since I never done source cards before. After some practicing though, this source cards weren't that bad. I believe that the hardest part of the project had to be the research in general. You can find many sources on a topic, but finding the ones that are the most accurate is the hard part. Since Native American culture has struggled to keep itself in existence, one has to be wary of accidently stumbling upon an inaccurate source. Many different native groups either get their cultures mixed with other ones or their information is completely lost to time, which is horrible. Preservation of arts and culture is truly a great feat that goes mainly unnoticed by many people. Back to the topic of my thoughts on this project though. A choice of newspaper, magazine, or website scared me half to death. I am a creative person in some regards, but making a final product like this really frightened me. I would've done a newspaper or magazine, but I didn't have any means to do it since the version of word I have is very lacking in every regard. I chose to create a website with Site123, which is honestly an amazing website builder for free. I enjoyed every second slowly and methodically putting together this website piece by piece. It honestly reminded me like a Lego set with no instructions (except the rubric). Citations scared me also but I overthink everything and it was harmless in the end. What I really wanted to say here is that I really enjoyed researching and learning about the Ojibwa people, and absolutely loved building this final product. I feared this project but in the end, I used grit and patience to turn this fearful project into a peaceful, enjoyable experience.